` Never Grow Old, Never Die
Post ten random facts about yourself and then tag 3 people to do it
  1.  I’ve flown on planes by myself over 64 times since I was eight 
  2.  I have taught myself every skill/talent I have
  3.  I was born in Hawaii, moved to Florida, moved to Arizona, then moved to Washington.
  4.  I have a really good impersonation of the “Red Rum” scene from ‘The Shining’
  5.  I burnt cereal
  6.  ….I also burnt my hand. While skiing. 
  7.  I have strawberry blonde hair that people I know always fight over
  8. 8. I can’t cook. At all. (see #5)
  9. 9. I pretty much run on sarcasm as a second language. 
  10. My best friend lives all the way across the country. 

People I tag: i-am-caticorncaptainphotoinspo,  healthymunchers

I need to make this a gif. Then learn how to pronounce gif.